Just some meanderings…

So over the weekend, I stopped by and ‘s place and we played games, and I learned a new one, and after Shabbat I managed to steal ‘s collapsible wireless Palm keyboard. It works quite well, and the setup was fairly easy. I’m actually writing this post on my Palm Pilot, and will post it via my cellular connection.
I’m at work, so this is kind of redundant, but it useful right now, as I’m catching up on a Sales presentation which was extrapolated from my own pre-Miluim presentation. It’s nowhere near as smooth, and each slide has become overloaded with text, which tends to bring the overall look down. It’s actually nice to see how much data the other guy has preserved and used, even though he butchered the voice-over notes that I had embedded inside the presentation. He added a lot of sales-related info, including definition of concepts that our software doesn’t even do, but it connects to. Argh.
On a different note, Shannon asked me last night if I wouldn’t rather spend the evening with the guys than with her. She apparently thought that because I didn’t call her immediately after Shabbat was out. But when we did get together, we walked for a long time and talked and had a nice time.
This morning I managed to catch her before she got on the plane, and she was overjoyed to hear from me, and a little surprised, I guess. So we said our farewells, and now it’ll be about a week before she returns.
On another note, using this Palm for longer entries is quite useful. I’m sitting in Aroma on Emek Refa’im and using this wonderful technological invention to bring these words to the world wide wasteland.
I just had a haircut, and I look spiffy, and I’m meeting a friend for some coffee.
So long for now, and until the next wireless encounter…

Back at work.

So here I am, arrived deathly early to get a head start on backlog after being gone for an entire month.
Get this: My password has been changed. I can’t log in to the Email server, or the company chat, and I figure if I restart my computer I might be locked out.
So I’m performing some routine maintenance on my computer here, updating where things need to be updated etc. and listening to some music.
I have a mondo-huge post that I wrote during Miluim, but it’s stuck on my laptop, which has not been connected since I got home. I hope to get that up here sometime soon.

Just a quickie

Well, I’m still in Miluim, and had a day off to get some laundry done.
Apparently, a lady has moved in to our apartment, but I can only see evidence of this, as I’ve never met her myself. I even went out for a couple of hours, and when I returned things had changed slightly. I’m beginning to wonder if we have a ghost roommate.
I’m still working on my army memoirs, and I hope they’ll be done by this weekend. They’ll show here eventually.
On other notes, S has received a rejection form letter from her No.1 Masters program. She’s upset, and I’m of more than two minds about this. On the one hand, I want her to get in to any school she wants to and be happy. On the other hand, I don’t want her to up and leave for 3 years. On the other hand, if she goes, would I follow her there? Look for a job in the USA/London? On the other had, she is confident that it’ll all work out favorably in the end. On the other hand, do I want to wait for the ‘end’?
I think I’ve run out of hands. Any loaners? 😉

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OK, I’ve put this off long enough.

Well, I’ve successfully delayed in writing this ling enough.
If you didn’t know, I’m in miluim (mandatory military reserve duty).
It’s sucking pretty bad. I hope to post a much longer account over the next couple of days. I tried writing it up on my Palm, and got fairly far, but my palm battery kept running out. I’m going to conserve the battery by not using it at all, and beam any text file over t the palm, and post it that way via cellular connection.
I had a late lunch with Shannon today, the day I snuck out of the base for 24 hours, and we had a nice time together.
My miluim is over on Jan 27th, and she’s leaving to the USA for 2 weeks on the 25th, so if I don’t get out to see her again, I’m gonna be really bummed.
On a brighter note, she’s sending me off with chocolates and a logic puzzle. Woohoo!
I’m also bringing a bunch of web development stuff with me, in hopes that I get bored enough that I’ll actually set up a Perl & Web environment and try playing with some scripts and get a feel for yet another language. I don’t program, but I like to know how things work. So essentially, I can program, once I’ve seen that it can be done elsewhere, it’s just a matter of applying the same type of logic.
I spoke with , who might be able to assist with some Perl ideas I had, and maybe just maybe learn some more than I already don’t know. 🙂
Anyways, I have a lot more to write, and now isn’t the time for it yet.

On another note, I did a useless meme here:

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Why am I here?

So apparently some co-workers agreed that we could use a night out on the town.
And I guess that I was the only one to forget about it.
Thing is, I might be going away in a couple of days, and I wanted to spend more time with Shannon.
Now I’m not usually one to turn down a good beer, especially when it’s been scheduled beforehand.
Yet here I am, pint o’ Guiness in one hand, PalmPilot stylus in the other, writing away.
So I got dropped here to wait for the rest of the gang to get here, and in the meantime reserve a table, and have a pint.
I wish I was with Shannon.


So last night, I was ecstatic that Shabbat was finally over, and called her, and we agreed on a couple of possible movies to watch at my place.
When she came over, we commenced watching “Intolerable Cruelty“. We’re both big fans of the Coen Brothers, and this is one of their better films. Clooney portrays a fairly interesting character that you don’t get bored with too fast.
A couple of things I don’t want to miss by going into miluim:

  1. Keves Cast Party
  2. Weekly dancing (salsa and others) with Shannon
  3. The 1st Jerusalem Winter Ball

Now, the last one is:

The 1st Annual Jerusalem Winter Ball
Formal Dinner, Dance & Drinks
January 22, 2005 8:00pm, 150NIS
Chatzer Ha’Moshava – 43 Emek Refaim (behind the Super HaMoshava)
Organized by The Jerusalem Post, for Hadassah-israel
All the proceeds benefit the Neonatal dept. at Hadassa Hospital, Mount Scopus

For tickets call: Alma 050-8946218 or Eli 054-521-1468

So i really want to go with Shannon, and in fact have already asked her, stipulating that it’s dependant on my miluim status.
I told her that I wanted to ask now, before some other guy asked her out, which she found amusing.
I still don’t get it. Maybe it’s a serious inferiority complex, but why ME? Surely she has courtiers hounding her every step. How couldn’t she?

It’s a new year

Well, last night was interesting.
I had actually fallen asleep on the sofa at around 3, and woke up a few hours later.
I am in the constant “cleaning my room” phase right now. I want to reorganize stuff that has been building up in the past and make it more efficient and accessible.
Later, I went over to EyeAndWhy’s place, where we hung out, had a few drinks and schmoozed. Eventually, we headed out to a club downtown called the “Stanga” where there was a pretty decent cover band going at it on the stage. Nice tunes, ok performance.
At some point I realized that with all these flirty little chicklets around, and the entire superficiality of it all, that all I wanted was for Shabbat to be over so I could see Shannon again.
Am I getting too emotionally attached too fast? I don’t know, but I know that when we’re together, and when we talk on the phone, I don’t want it to end. We usually part ways with very logical arguments such as, “You’ve got to get up at the crack of dawn tomorrow, so let’s call it a night.” Does that sound weird?
I am NOT looking forward to Tuesday, when I will be heading down to Beer Sheva early to catch a nasty bus to a military command training facility for my annual reserve duty. I have placed a formal request for either a delay or cancellation of this one, but due to the timing involved, that wasn’t processed correctly. I am on fairly good terms with my liason officer, so if they need 10 people and they get 11 or more, I’m number 1 on the discharge list. So at he best, I’ll lose a day or two. At the worst, 21 days in fatigues. Ugh.