It’s late, so…

… I’ll keep this short.
She and I have discussed it after auditions tonight.
I won’t participate in Her production of Shakespeare’s “As You Like It”, because we are more important that the production to each other, and being the one who 1) is not directing it and 2) is not a life hurdle for and 3) would rather build the relationship than place an immediate strain on it, I have gracefully (***) stepped down.
So while the majority of my pals will be in the show having a wild time, I will be having mine own “wild” time with Her.

Good night!

*** – Doesn’t gracefully mean without tripping over your own damned feet? Just a thought.

  • joshbrown

    I am happy for you guys. I still need to see you guys together to actually see how you are together, but still, GREAT NEWS!

  • cogitationitis

    You just asked her out and you’re already planning on a wild time? My, the dating scene sure has changed in the past couple of decades. At least you’ll be able to go to the cast party–which is, honestly, usually the best part.

    If you’d still like to be involved, you could consider a minor role on the tech crew. Props people never turn down a willing set of hands.

  • miketheman

    That’s actually what will probably happen.
    She was concerned that my being in the cast would 1) prevent her from actually allowing herself to direct properly, and 2) wouldn’t be able to spill her woes to an actor after rehearsal.
    There usually isn’t a tech crew, per se, but I’ve told Her that anything she needs, I’m there.

  • cogitationitis

    *boggle* How can you survive without a tech crew? Who does the sound, the lighting, the props, the scenery, the makeup, the costumes? (Okay, so I’m prejudiced, but still…)