So last night, I was ecstatic that Shabbat was finally over, and called her, and we agreed on a couple of possible movies to watch at my place.
When she came over, we commenced watching “Intolerable Cruelty“. We’re both big fans of the Coen Brothers, and this is one of their better films. Clooney portrays a fairly interesting character that you don’t get bored with too fast.
A couple of things I don’t want to miss by going into miluim:

  1. Keves Cast Party
  2. Weekly dancing (salsa and others) with Shannon
  3. The 1st Jerusalem Winter Ball

Now, the last one is:

The 1st Annual Jerusalem Winter Ball
Formal Dinner, Dance & Drinks
January 22, 2005 8:00pm, 150NIS
Chatzer Ha’Moshava – 43 Emek Refaim (behind the Super HaMoshava)
Organized by The Jerusalem Post, for Hadassah-israel
All the proceeds benefit the Neonatal dept. at Hadassa Hospital, Mount Scopus

For tickets call: Alma 050-8946218 or Eli 054-521-1468

So i really want to go with Shannon, and in fact have already asked her, stipulating that it’s dependant on my miluim status.
I told her that I wanted to ask now, before some other guy asked her out, which she found amusing.
I still don’t get it. Maybe it’s a serious inferiority complex, but why ME? Surely she has courtiers hounding her every step. How couldn’t she?

  • zachkessin

    Because she sees that you are a great guy mike!

  • nightface

    That fear of being unworthy is the universe’s revenge for all your bad behaviour. You get what you want but you’re not sure you deserve it. Which is funny, since, as you know, the universe revolves around you, so you CERTAINLY deserve it.

    On the even funnier side, what does it mean that the perfect girl you deserve is religious? hmmmmm

  • cogitationitis

    Stop being so damned philosophical and introspective and just accept that she likes *you.* You aren’t like everyone else.

  • dorable

    Maybe it’s a serious inferiority complex, but why ME?

    Who knows. Who cares.

    Guys sometimes have this mistaken concept of “leagues,” as in “she’s out of my league.” It doesn’t work like that. Girls choose guys for all sorts of weird illogical reasons. 🙂

    Actually, guys do the same, except guys are even more frustrating because they may sleep with you even if they don’t want you so you really never have a clue what’s going on…