• avgboojie

    Oh, goodie! More sex (never enough, though), and also mentions of Boojie (also never enough of that)! Hurrah!

    As to your “Women, kiss women!” call, I’ll take the challenge on the upcoming forum.con (provided I find a cooperative female) IF I am provided with the parallel view by two hetero males. Yeah, we females like that too (though for some odd reason, we’re supposed to like watching lez porn with you guys, but you never agree to watch gay porn with US. No fair, you bunch of homophobes!)
    If YOU supply a kiss between two hetero males (be it you or anybody else willing), I will rise to your challenge. Shake on this?

    There’s still some echo, part of the time. Sometimes it gets rather annoying.

    Joe’s so sexy when he’s mooing. 😛
    (No, not really.)

    About Fraggle Rock: Weird, I’ve never known him by any other name but “Doc” (I am a great fan of Fraggle Rock, as the eps I have on my computer AND my Wembley Fraggle puppet sitting right here next to me will testify – I actually wanted Boober at the time but there wasn’t one. I LOVE Boober Fraggle), but IMDb states that his full name is Jerome “Doc” Christian (Yeah, I just had to check.)

    I’m good at everything that I do. Really.

    That’s about it for now. Thanks for the show. It was fun. 🙂

  • anonymous

    I thought it was great!!!
    That guest of yours is intelligent and witty.
    You should pay him!


  • anonymous

    Thanks Boojie.
    I know my moos are sexy.
    If you bring me a good looking man, sure I’ll kiss him. (Don’t tell my dad, tho, it’ll freak him out.) And I will watch gay or lez porn with you, if you really want me too. (That sounds as freaky as I think it does, right?) So is the next boojie con a boojieXXXcon?

  • avgboojie

    Oh no no no. YOU find YOUR partner. I don’t intend to do all the work.
    As to gay/lez porn – well, I don’t actually watch porn of any kind, cause it bores me to death. But don’t tell anyone about it, it will ruin my reputation.

  • avgboojie

    Or kiss him. 😛

  • joebrown42

    u said we never agree to watch gay porn with you.
    hence you want to watch gay porn with guys.
    I agreed.
    And why don’t you watch any porn? You don’t like shows like nip/tuck or OZ?

  • miketheman

    There you go, mooing again….

  • avgboojie

    Some guys, when they’re told something is sexy, will just try it over and over again. 😛

  • avgboojie

    I’ve actually never seen nip/tuck. I don’t watch TV – nowadays I don’t even have cables, after realising that throwing 200 shekels each month on something I don’t use is highly silly.
    And Oz??? Is that what you conceive of as porn? Scared now.

  • avgboojie

    Oh, and congrats on your new username! It’s about time. 🙂