• tryscer

    Put more music in!

  • schniff

    I wrote these while listening to the podcast, so they’re a bit random.

    Stop licking the Mike, Joe!

    You’re involved in internet porn??

    If you guys like lesbians, what’s so weird about women liking gay men?

    The pizza movie is I love you to death.

    Give more links, like the voting thing and the blogs you mentioned.

    Girls making eye contact, then looking away? It means they want to draw your attention, but are not going to crack their necks doing it. Unless they’re like me, in which case they’re just making sure that someone is actually checking them out… So, in short, you have no way of knowing what they think unless you try hitting on them. You know, verbally. And even that doesn’t usually work, because, you know, women

    I think you should have more guests. You have a strange taste in music, so I don’t know about playing more of it. But please lose the echo!

    Quotes are good. I’ll never get tired of quotes. And mentioning The castle. The castle was good. Me misses.

  • avgboojie

    Moo again?

    More Boojie! More Boojie! 😛

    I don’t watch porn. Not because I, well, don’t watch porn, that is, it’s not a matter of principles or anything, porn is simply, um, boring. There are very few movies which aren’t. Mostly, when they’re funny (porn comedy is a great genre on the rise!) But you know, most people just don’t really watch porn for the JOKES.

    Pizza delivery guys don’t really have the life porn movies advertise. I think it’s a capitalist conspiracy to get the industry going.

    The problem with that email wasn’t that it was only text. Text can work. The problem was that it was BAD text. 😛

    David Bowie is Da Man. He is very masculine. In a, well, bisexual sort of way. 🙂
    And I can’t think of that song anymore without remembering, you know, a certain wedding…

    Pee nuts on the floor? Sounds painful.

    “Suck a Dick Wednesday”? And if girls wear the shirt? Because, you know, MY interests lie elsewhere.

    Boobies are NOT malignant!!!

    The movie you’re looking for, you lazy duo (schniff wrote the name, I add the link): http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0099819/

    Lose the fucking echo!

    I oppose to what said: Don’t put more music in. I hate music in podcasts. They force me to listen to songs I don’t necessarily like, which takes time I don’t really have, and if I try to skip it, it’s awfully difficult finding the exact place where it ends. If you happen to find anything really SPECIAL there’s a really slim chance we’re already acquainted with – great. But putting in music just for the sake of having music – please don’t do it. At the end of the show it’s okay, then there’s no problem skipping it…
    (Unless, of course, it’s ‘s music, and then I have no objection. Don’t want to fight with him. :-P)

    That’s all. Moo, guys.

  • joebrown42

    1. Moo.
    2. I think background music could be nice.
    3. You should be paying thatguest of yours, Mike.
    4. The Mike is fun for licking.
    5. If girls wear the shirt, I will lick their dicks, ok?
    6. Mike – no need to talk about my comments in the next podcast.
    7. A special moo for Boojie