• avgboojie

    Or just download the MP3 file, like so many others do. Harrumph.
    Let me get this straight – you got a problem with us downloaders? 😛

    And I’ll listen to it when I have the time. <sigh>

  • avgboojie

    Okay, now listening.
    – Masturbating for someone else doesn’t work? That’s news to me. Whichever way you choose to understand that sentence. Someone here hasn’t been watching enough porn.
    – Me intelligent! Yeah! Me smart!
    – Yeah, porn is boring. SEX is interesting.
    – “I’m single and you want me, and oh, by the way, I’m cooking chilly.” Oh yeah, you got that one right. “I’m single, I cook. Girls, you want me.” Good one.
    – “Mike’s easily more stupid” doesn’t necessarily work well with the previous item.
    – Because of the many guests, there are too many times when people talk and one can’t hear them because they’re not close enough to the mike (uncapitaled!)
    – The elevator music you were having on the bar thing is NOT it.
    – About gadgets, knives and such stuff – I once suggested founding a forum called “Big guns, Large Knives and Fast Cars”. Well, I reasoned, there’s far more chances of people using THAT forum than a forum that will be named “The small dick forum.” Not that I’m insinuating anything.
    – Dice are NOT gadgets.
    – The many guests do make it fun, but it makes it a little too chaotic.
    – When telling tasteless jokes, try doing it closer to the mike. I didn’t catch the last one.
    – Mike-bashing sounds like a great hobby.
    – Excellent song choice for the finale. Keep up the good work.

    In general, great show, funny, just a little bit too chaotic.

  • joebrown42

    We shall change it, right, Mike?
    The chaos was mainly the result of only two mikes (both licked…), and 5 people.
    And Joe should speak less.

  • nightface

    If swords, knives & books count as gadgets, why not dice?

    Yes, Mike-bashing is fun. It’s always good to have hobbies one can do at home.

    BTW, I need your address for Forum-Con.