Wow. We’re really cranking them out now.

We already have another show up.
Our listener circulation is increasing, but nobody ever calls or emails other than . A true friend. 🙂
Get yourself over to and set your podcatcher on “High”
So enjoy the show. It’s short and sweet.

  • schniff

    Mike: You need to get laid, and fast.

    Although I didn’t hear the previous podcast, I had fun recording it. I say you get a condenser mic and we do that again.

    You can’t tell the ladies that you’re single, tempt them with the promise of a man that cooks, and then tell them you’re overweight. I can hear millions thousands hundreds (how many hits did you say you have?) of hearts breaking. *Sniff*


    You call that background noise for the bar review good music?!

    I guess sitting at the bar helps, because both Joy and Selena had terrible service when we went there for dinner…

    Will the beer festival still be there this weekend?

    There is a distinct possibility that all the hits you’re getting are from people who listen to he first three minutes and pass, you know. They could also be afraid to comment or you’d bite them. Tell them you don’t bite.

    The common definition for filk is actually “anything that filkers write”. So Leslie Fish actually DOES write filk, because she’s considered to be a filker. And no, I don’t get it either.

  • avgboojie

    It’s not that I’m a true friend as much as I’m obssessive about commenting. 😛

  • avgboojie

    – Ooh! The Boojie corner! That’s me in the corner, that’s me in the spotlight losing my relig… er. Never mind.
    – Diet? Try the one I’m on – 25 kilos gone so far and counting, easy, and my life gained back, which was the original purpose (the weight loss was/is actually BONUS). You know which diet, the one with the steaks. Lots of them. Oh, right, Mike doesn’t eat steaks. Awwwwwww.
    – But anyway, overweight men are great. Well, maybe that’s my personal perversion. But this being me, I do believe that my personal perversion should be state law. I hate skinny guys.
    – Ooh! Better music in the bar corner, definitely.
    – The restroom critique corner was, hm, an interesting touch, but try covering the ladies room too next time, for the benefit of female listeners. 😛
    – Being a closet biker is a whole new closet I’ve never thought about earlier. Sounds even worse than telling your mother that your gay or something.
    – Joe: How does riding someone called Stella makes a guy a fag?
    – Try not doing quite so much grass before the show. Whaddya say? No drugs were involved? Hmmm. Just a LITTLE too much silly jokes and silly laughs.
    – Filk is not necessarily based on a known song. It can be an original as well. Joe’s wrong, and that’s that, and don’t argue with me! For details, please read the articles about filk in the society site, like, say, this one. Leslie Fish is cool. Tom Smith () is GOD. Yeah, me fan girl. And no, I don’t read his blog, ’cause who has time for being THAT much of a fan? (, apparently.)
    – UHF has some really really funny bits there, in a boring, not really funny movie. “Supplies!!!” I have it, watched it several times, and have to sadly admit that the movie trailer is funnier than the movie itself.
    – I would have joined in on ‘s first comment, but I’m just not the type to rub it in. No, I’m not. Well, maybe a little.

  • joshbrown

    1) The next time Joe claims that I am a geek/nerd, I know have recordings of his lack of having a life.
    2) On this last one, I really do have to agree with – you do sound more than mildly stoned.
    3) Mother’s Day is the second Sunday in May.
    4) Joe never has listened to filk, has he?

    But most important of all …

    When do I get to be on it?

  • joebrown42

    1. What recordings? BS. And you ARE a geek/nerd. So there.
    2. We weren’t, surprisinly enough.
    3. We’ll forget it in no time.
    4. Yes, I have. Hated it. Heard it a few times, including at a festival with someone playing a green guitar.
    5. Never. You work nights. 😛