Great weekend

I had a great weekend.
My bike looks great – it just needs cleaning, done Friday along with my pal Dan. Takes a good two hours, and it looks amazing.
It looks even better with a good-looking gal on the back. 🙂
So another week to begin – in which I’m going to try to monitor food intake. We’ll see how well that works.

And in other news, the latest show is up!
Check it out and anjoy.

  • avgboojie

    Ooh! Sounds better!
    – What’s that? People who didn’t send you sound bites suck??? I DON’T SUCK!!!
    – (Ahem, no twisting of the meaning of the previous line, please.)
    – Compliments for Boojie! Arrrrgh!
    – Joe, do that again! Yeah! Lick the Mike!
    – You should have sent the flowers Joe got to Douglas Addams’s grave.
    – “We kind of lost track of what we were saying,” but we DON’T do drugs on the show!
    – As to Backham – Do you remember “Culture Club”? They had one jewish member, so they’d have in their posters their name in hebrew: ????? ?????.
    – Whenever we see someone with a t-shirt with an inscription in japanese, we ask, “what does it say, ‘stupid american tourist?'” Because it could actually, you know, say anything.
    Anyway, you can find cool japanese t-shirts on think geek with inscriptions such as “I love hentai” (eeewwww!!!) or even weirder stuff in Japanese. On the other hand, you can also see some really funny t-shirts in japanized-english on the engrish site.

  • mick_hale

    Much better sounding. Also omg thanku wtf happee birfday 2 mee

    – Aroma doesn’t pay for their hechsher, and therefore they suck.
    – Cafe Hillel ain’t bad. Good quiches. Coffee still sucks.
    – Coffee Shop has the world’s worst service. Food is enh, coffee’s not bad.
    – Starbucks always sucked, no matter what country you’re in. No matter what price you pay, it’s too expensive.
    – Second Cup kicks more ass than you can imagine. I long for the days where I could go to the local Second Cup and have white hot chocolate with the friends.
    – Coffee Bean good, then? They also have branches in Tel Aviv. And give them a break, it was a week or so after opening. I’ll try it next week.
    – I rather enjoy BK, right near Kikar Tzion. Good food, decent coffee, good service.

  • joshbrown

    1) “A certain member of my family”?! I do have a name, you know.
    2) “Bible Blands Museum”? That’s what it sounded like.