personal pain

Arrr, I`ll bite. We be havin’ new show up, check ou’ th’ feed. Th’ weekend picnic be a blast, an’ much fun be had by all.
In other news, I’ve got hooked on Desperate Housewives.
Start groaning now.
I’ve figured it out – It’s a soap opera with a serious hook to catch guys as well.
After hearing a lot of people idolize it, and due to the fact that kindly dumped all the first season on the TV computer, it’s one really riveting show. Check it out – trust me.

  • avgboojie

    – Me wanted to come to the picnic, my ride got sick. Blah. 🙁
    – Gromit was there and me not! Waaaah! 🙁
    – Boojie doesn’t suck! Yeah!
    – Isn’t it a shame that nowadays it’s totally logical to wish someone “may your marriage work out”?
    – Several people have suggested the idea of a “talk like a ninja day”. Everything will be totally silent, except for occasional screams emanating from dark alleys.
    – Oh, for a second there I heard “What’s nude in the world” instead of “What’s new in the world”. Actually a great idea for a corner. 😛
    – Bam Bam!

  • avgboojie

    Oh, and – you should have recorded some sound bites in the picnic. Next time, perhaps?

  • joebrown42

    From where I stand, I have to wish that. Ouch.

  • dorable

    “With a serious hook to catch guys”? Right, ’cause that’s how you catch guys. With depth.

    I think the point of DH is that it’s a soap opera that is well-made (good acting, good dialogues, good jokes, high production values) — which is practically subversive in terms of the genre, and turns it into something else entirely.

  • joshbrown

    1) This is the first one that doesn’t sound like you are stoned.
    2) The a capella opening sounded really cool. How many takes did it take to get that right?
    3) This is also the first one (other than the second, that Joe isn’t on) that there is no mooing.
    4) You may want to translate the Hebrew (Ya chatichat manyak!) for your listeners who don’t speak the language.
    5) I like how Joe goes from describing the work on the bridge as slave labor to agreeing that they should be worked around the clock.
    6) The game Cluedo was invented in 1944 by Anthony E. Pratt. It was orignially published by Waddington’s Games. Due do war shortages in England (yes, the game is originally British), they didn’t actually put it on the market until 1949. That is also when Parker Brothers bought the rights, brought it to the US and renamed Clue. There was even a D&D variant, put out by Wizards of the Coast.
    7) International Talk Like a Pirate Day was invented in 1995 by two Americans, John Baur (“Ol’ Chum Bucket”) and Mark Summers (“Cap’n Slappy”). Dave Barry picked up the idea in 2002 and promoted the day.
    8) You shouldn’t thank those who helped Katrina, but those who helped Katrina’s victims.
    9) Israel has domestic sake?

  • kmelion

    That song is what happens when Cotton Eye Joe and the Hamster Dance meet up with DJ Tessio at a rave…

  • avgboojie

    Yeah, I know. Same here. And it’s a shame.

  • avgboojie

    Slight correction:
    ’cause that’s how you catch guys. With depth. With hooks.