• kmelion

    Yom Kippur isn’t about change. It’s not the Day of Change. It’s the Day of Atonement. It’s to repent for the past year. It’s not about making resolutions for the coming year either.

    Hey Mike…give me names of these Mordern Orthodox Rabbis who say you can break the fast, please.

    My mother quit smoking 20 years ago. She says that if they come out with a ‘healthy’ cig, she’d start up again as soon as it hit the market.

  • schniff

    At least there’s balance in the world. You quit smoking and I pick it up, right where I left it.
    We’re smokers. It’s in our blood. Except when it’s not, and then we need to fill that hole. Apparently it can be filled with people, who are a very good excuse to quit – unless they smoke too, of course.
    I actually have the willpower it takes to quit. Really, I can quit whenever I want to! The problem for me has always wanting to quit…

    And I haven’t left any comments on the last show because I only heard it now. So congratulations on de-vegetarianizing, Joe!

  • avgboojie

    Sorry, had no time for the previous show.
    – Took me a while to figure out what’s “Gun Sucker” and why it’s mentioned as an address. 😛
    – Geek is GOOD. Geeks rule.
    – Joe is so gallant! Everyone should vote for him!
    – Ooh! That gold fish song was great! Yay NY! (Who has a birthday on the 11th and everyone should congratulate him and buy him presents, by the way.)
    – As to fasting and atonement, I like the Morticia Addams version for it. “Stop torturing yourself, Gomez. That’s MY job!”
    – Okay, Mike. You’re insane and self-destructive. Happy now?
    – My parents (1.5-2.5 packs a day) quit smoking cold turkey when I was a small child and never reverted to it. Nowadays, they can’t stand cigarette smoke. They have no desire to go back there. BUT – they had me to nag them to stop, and making me stop nag is a VERY good reason to stop smoking. I used to drown whole cartons in soap water and stuff like that.
    Hmmm… I wonder how come they didn’t kill me for it. Probably all that smoking had made them too lazy/peaceful to do it.

  • joshbrown

    1) I drink beer. I didn’t then. But I do drink it.
    2) I preferred the original You Can Go Your Own Way.
    Sorry so few comments. Not like you ever mention them anyway.

  • miketheman

    We mention comments that add something that we can talk about on the show. Something we can take a spin with, roll around in the dirt with, and then brush off and shoot in the head.
    Add something, don’t just post a reaction. Post something that is interesting, and I’m pretty sure that we will find a use for it.

  • avgboojie

    Make that “roll around in mousse with” and I promise you I’ll come up with something REALLY interesting, just for the pleasure of hearing you roll around in mousse with it.
    And I think we should all start referring to Josh as “You-Know-Who”, if he’s He Who Is Not To Be Named. 😛

  • joebrown42

    no WAY am I going to call him “you know who”
    it’s just “him” or “grunt”

  • mick_hale

    – In regards to the Shrimp, umm, fish and chicken have very different textured.
    – You said that it’s an upscale restaurant, don’t they have uniforms or at least a uniform way of dressing? I can’t quite imagine someone working at the Red Heifer wearing pyjamas.
    – When you have the 150 NIS a person or so, feel free to check out my restaurant. Mmmmm, steak.
    – I’ve never heard of a Modern Orthodox rabbi that says that you should eat if you’re hungry. I’ve heard plenty of them say to eat and drink if it’s causing you to be ill.
    – End song was good. I want more. Or, if you want to continue along the lines of old songs redone well, try The Ataris doing “Boys of Summer”