Interesting cultural question

For those of you either outside Israel, or have recently arrived, please comment on the following:
What is considered a lot of money?
Is $5 a lot of money?
Or is the limit $10?
How about $20 bucks? Is that a lot? Or maybe the limit is higher?

Another question – how much is a pint of beer at your neighborhood bar? How much do you tip for just one drink?

Looking for some data to evaluate. Your responses are greatly appreciated.

* All prices are in USD. 🙂

  • tinkerbell1980
  • tinkerbell1980

    5$ is ok for a beer in a pub. cheap for a meal and a lot for a candy bar.

  • cogitationitis

    $5 for a can of Coke is outrageous; $5 for a bottle of wine is cheap. It’s all relative. As for beers, I’ve seen them range from $2 pitchers to $5 a bottle, though I’m not a beer drinker; mixed drinks (like a margarita) go from $2.50 to $15.

    I usually tip the barkeep about 10%; when I order a drink in a restaurant with a bar, I toss a little extra into the normal tip (closer to 20% than 15%). The waitstaff in such places usually gives the barkeep about 10% of their tips.

  • miketheman

    Ok, thanks for the info on the beer question.
    But for the first one – if one of your kids wanted a toy – out of the blue – where do you draw the line? What is considered “a lot of money” in general terms?

  • cogitationitis

    Generally, my answer to toys is no, ’cause I’m an evil, mean mommy. 🙂

    But for a birthday present for another kid, I usually go for the $10-20 range. If I find a $5 cool toy, I’ll often purchase a second $5-10 toy. I shop enough to know that some things do not come cheap, and am willing to pay a bit more for them.

    But if I’m spending money on a friend, the cost is irrelevant; it’s the gift itself that counts. No, I’m not sending all my friends iPods (sorry), but I wouldn’t hesitate to pay for their dinners, or buy them books, or whatnot.

  • queenkangaroo

    I would say $20 is a lot. Depending on what you’re buying, of course. All is relative, grasshopper.

    The beer is like 5ish dollars. Tip 20%. Always.

    p.s. I’m coming back at the end of the month.


  • miketheman

    Thanks for the info.
    When you get back in town, drop me a line. We can kick back and rehash old times.