Quick update

Wow. The party crowd has risen to over 15 confirmed, and a bunch more maybes and who knows who’ll just drop in?
Looking good, looking good!
Tomorrow, I hope to record the next show – for those of you not subscribed one way or another, the last one was uploaded a couple days ago here. Get some podcatcher software already, people!

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  • mitzy_tm

    A podcat without Joe is like a giraffe without glasses!

  • ravrhi

    Dani and I will be needing directions.

  • aliyah_adam

    Hey Mike, how’s life?

    If you haven’t seen my post yet, I was hoping you could help me out with a project i’m currently working one:
    I am currently doing a poll of Israelis on the most important sectors (ministries) with problems in Israel http://www.livejournal.com/users/aliyah_adam/72436.html Please take a few minutes to fill in your answers, thanks!

  • avgboojie


  • miketheman

    Hey Adam,

    I’d doing great, and going to screen your comment here on principle.
    This is my LJ, not some location I write in for someone to use as a platform for gathering data. I have an email address listed, and that is the way for people who do not have something relevant to my post to say something.

    Learn from this, otherwise you will quickly find out that we don’t like advertisements on our personal blogs.

  • miketheman

    If the min-map opn the site isn’t enough, let me know. It’s actually really easy to get here from Begin Blvd.

  • miketheman

    Yeah, but does the giraffe really _need_ the glasses? Do I really _need_ Joe?

    We shall see. 🙂

  • joebrown42

    Joe is superfluous.
    Especially if people want to rant and rave about “what is society”.

  • avgboojie

    Yay you!

    Also, as long as I’m here, something relevent for the current podcast.