Another JobOpp!

Looking for a skilled windows developer/programmer.
If you are familiar with anyone who might be a candidate, please pass his/her details to: miketheman [at] gmail [dot] com.

– 2 years experience in C++ windows programming (Visual Studio 6.0).
– Fluent in Win32 APIs and MFC.

– Windows GUI development experience.
– Window Mobile development experience (embedded VC++).
– Knowledge of COM, ActiveX development.
– Microsoft.Net or Compact Framework .Net experience.

  • kimpire

    I sent you a text message earlier. Do you want some kind of advertisement/announcement/after-the-fact-article about the comedy night to be in the Post? If so, let me know ASAP (i.e. tonight), and I’ll see who I can talk to.

  • anonymous

    what company are we talking about?

  • anonymous