• _standback_

    Clearly you have not heard enough blonde jokes.

  • naomi_log

    You annoy me. 😉

  • kimpire

    Today’s Post, under “What’s On”. While Jason made the summary ‘witty’, they didn’t put your name in, though 🙁

    Things are going somewhat hectic right now but if I’m there and there for long enough I’ll write an article and send it as a summary to Billboard or In Jerusalem for next Friday (not tomorrow).

  • mick_hale

    I clicked two links and stopped.

    And then I laughed.

  • tinkerbell1980


  • miketheman

    Didn’t you get it?

  • miketheman

    I annoy EVERYONE, babe. 😉

  • miketheman

    Very cool – can you get me a copy later today and bring it to the show?

  • miketheman

    Then you understood it! Damned redheads.

  • anonymous


    Yes, I will soon open a LJ account. But for now, I thought you might enjoy this one: