A whole year?

So a friend invited me to her first “blogversary” – a whole year since she started to blog.
This made me look at some things.
It’s been a year since I started working at my current job.
It’s been almost a year since I started driving Stella.
It’s been almost a year since Shannon.

It’s been almost a year since a lot of things – but most importantly, I have survived all that, and much much more.
It just makes me wonder if I actually have the capability of surviving longer than I ever thought I would, and that thought makes me shiver with fear.

What if I survive a nuclear holocaust? What if I survive the remaining wars amongst the few people left? After that, what is there to survive for?

I know, I know, kudos to me for the optimism, right?
Just weird thoughts flitting through at late hours.

  • avgboojie

    Everybody thought that after my grandpa died, my grandma would soon follow, because she had no reason to live. She clung to life. She clung to it even when she became bed-ridden, blind and some other happy stuff, and had no hope whatsoever of regaining any quality to her life.
    A close neighbor of my parents (an institute which serves in lieu of close family among immigrants), an extremely independent person, full of dignity and all that, caught cancer around age 80, a painful, debilitating disease. No one thought she’d live through it – the humiliation and loss of indepence would kill her, everybody thought. It’s been three years now, and the doctors consider her a miracle.

    People cling to life. Against all odds, when all they have left is life itself, they cling to it. And when the much sought for prize is no more than one more isolated minute of relative contentment, hidden among the many moments of a lousy day – they’ll settle for that, and be thankful.

    I was celebrating a blogging-year as well, so I got to follow all the stuff you mentioned. Rather impressive, in retrospect.