Updates, updates, updates

So it’s been another while since I wrote.

In my interview post, a lot of people asked me to interview them, and I will do so when I get around to it. You have not been forgotten, only delayed.

Tonight is the penultimate performance of CST’s Macbeth, which I am in. It’s one of the last chances you’ll get to see it. Ever. The final is Saturday night, and after that, you will be stuck, weeping with the crowds and begging for an autograph, a recited line, or anything else you can get out of these wonderful actors.

Sunday marks the final audition night for another show, “Proof”, which I have read and seen, and figure I’ll audition for it, who knows what I’ll do after that.

In other news, I’m tired.
Oh so tired.
Ciao for now.

  • _standback_

    People: See Macbeth. It doth rule most awesomely.

    And Mike – you probably saw me in the center of the front row Tuesday night. Sorry I had to run off right after the show, it was great and I really wish I had been able to stay and congratulate you all. Kudos.

    Also – who’s doing Proof where and when?

  • miketheman

    Sorry for the delay – I saw you in the front then, and I’m glad you enjoyed the show.

    JEST hass some new director that was auditioning people for “Proof” – to be performed solely at the Ramat Rachel theater. More auditions were held this past Wednesday, but you should sign up to the Yahoogroup “jest_jerusalem” for more updates on the subject.