Wireless-enabled and more…

So today I spent the day at the office, as usual, and I completed X amount of work.
After leaving, instead of going home, I stopped at a nice wireless-enabled cafe and continued to handle issues from there, emails, VPN, etc.

I feel like in the three hours I spent there I completed X+40% more work in a much shorter amount of time.

What does this mean? That I am more productive away from the office than actually when I am there?

  • angeleyes1701

    I actually noticed this is true about me too. The problem was that I would come home from the office and continue working till the wee hours of the night. And then I said: no more! Whatever it is, it will have to wait. I need to do things that are not work.

  • miketheman

    I agree that this should be true if you are “off hours” but what if you were to leave work at lunchtime and continue from home? Would you be more productive?

  • angeleyes1701

    Absolutelly. For instance, on days I call in sick I end up staying in bed with the laptop and getting more done than I do on the days I am at the office!

  • miketheman

    What does this tell us? That if we were secluded, and have all communication directed electronically, we would have better results?
    I’m interested in knowing what the impact would be on other work-related functions.

  • angeleyes1701

    Well, there is of course the social lack of communication between co-workers. There are quite a few researches out there on how teleworking affects the organization and the employees. Personally, I think that some people (like you and me) should have 1 or 2 days a week when they work from home. But others – like people with children – can’t work from home.

    I always say, half jokingly of course, that at the office there are too many distractions for me to work.

  • lahedge

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