More on the remote usage…

So there ain’t nothing quite like sitting at home on the couch – which is nice and comfy – and watching “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” while happily typing away and setting up a nice new linux server at work, all remotely.
Oh, and sipping some nice cognac, too.

And then i get a call from the office at 11:30pm informing me that some crucial data has been left out of a product that they are supposed to be completing today.
So I Alt+Tab to another window, discuss the problem and figure out what is needed to resolve it, and then set a few pieces of code to run and do a whole lot of work for me. (This is being written while that runs in the background!)
After these are done, I’ll email the files to the office and they will incorporate them into the product and continue the process from there.

Mobilization is grand!

  • anonymous

    If after 9-10 hours at the office you can’t enjoy watching a film without interruptions. I agree it has it advantages, but there should be some distinction between private life and working.


    BTW – Does it mean I’ll have the linux server to play with tomorrow at work?

  • miketheman

    On some level, agreed. But think of the alternative?
    I was futzing around with servers anyways, and I could have had to stay at the office like some of the other people (who are still there).
    As to the distinction? That line has become so transparent, that it’s almost invisible.

    And yes, I shall grant your wish and you have a machine to [email protected]#$ up tomorrow.

  • anonymous

    As long a you can control the amount of work you actually do. I know people the since they can *also* work from home, work 14+ hours a day. I agree that remote working has its merits, but we should remember that it can be a dangerous slope.


  • angeleyes1701

    Story of my life…

  • chavele

    I’m just jealous of the cognac.