Home sick

So I caught something that makes me feel like my head is attached lopsided, and my right ear is about to explode.

It’s not any fun, I tell you.

At work yesterday, I barely managed to get through the day, and I’m at home now,and I’m working on paperwork for the office.

If you feel this bad and you’re a horse, they shoot you.

Boy, I sure am glad I’m not a horse.

  • Josh

    Gee, and I was so looking forwards to be the one who gets to shoot you in the head…

  • Devo

    Well, there will be chocolate turtle cheesecake tomorrow for you to consol yourself over…

  • Dan

    I like the site.
    Good layout and look.
    The Google Ads you mentioned seems to only be a search bar at the top.
    Also, I did some QA’ing, and found the following.
    Technorati Links do not properly bring up pages.
    The three links are:
    Ľ Blogs that link here
    Ľ View my profile
    And the Technorati logo link

    • Hey Dan,
      Thanks for dropping in.
      The Google Ads seem to be having some starter trouble with indexing my site – I think Iíve solved most of the problems.

      The Technorati links seem to work fine – can you see if when hovering over the link you get a link to Technorati?