Work, work, and more work

Ever have one of the times that you feel like all you do is work?

And I don’t mean regular work, but mindless, brain-numbing stupid work, that could have easily been prevented if someone would have taken the time to do a little planning, and take your department a little more seriously?

Well, I’ve been having this kind of feeling for the last week or so. It’s been kind of hard to stay upbeat and positive when it’s all pushing down on you, especially when “that’s the way it is sometimes” and “shit happens” seems to be a recurring theme.

Today I was told that one of the higher-ups mentioned that he’s tired of hearing a lot of people throughout their day run into a problem and the more-often-than-not answer is, “I don’t know, ask Mike, he knows”. Now, this seems pretty cool to me – but it does have the added intesity of everyone relying on you constantly. That’s great for job security, but not so great for getting my own tasks done. Is it my fault that I am big fan of technology and that I try to keep abreast of everything and have a great capacity for remembering what I find?
So now we approach the dawning of a new era, where I will have someone added to my team – in a somewhat ambiguous capacity – which may or may improve things.
The way I see it, I’m currently working at about 180% overload capacity and the addition of another 100% capable person would drop 80% off me. This all sounds well and good, however the additional resource is coming directly at a time that the company’s infrastructure is expanding and becoming more complicated – so it doesn’t look like that much of my duties will be transferred.

Another interesting point is that the company is looking for a Linux-savvy person “to complement what you know, and allow you to learn new things, while allowing the new person to learn what you know”. I’m not sure how this will work out in the long run, but live and learn…

Anyways, this was a little rant, and I hope you enjoyed it.