Weekend update… with MikeTheMan!

So this weekend was quite interesting.

My folks celebrate my Jewish birthday (based on the lunar calendar), which is typically a different date that my secular (or solar-based) one.
They came around on Friday and brought me some cool presents – one of which is a cool black sweater that I wore to work today. Really nice, too.

I also got an iron, and some good cookies. And then I got the best ever! My mom sat down and sewed by motorcycle jacket’s pocket back on, and it was pretty hard to distinguish which pocket was torn once she was done.

Then, we sat down and watched V for Vendetta and had an overall nice time.

We watched it on a new DVD player I received from my work-mates – a really nice one. Ultra slim, plays just about anything, and fits nicely in the living room. This came along with the Trilogy, which is cool no less.

So it’s been a nice weekend, and now it’s over, it’s time tp get back to work.