I did break something!

So it turns out that I did do something, although I’m not sure what.

I was having theme troubles, and it wouldn’t display properly – sometimes yes, sometimes no… So I killed all the plugins and themes – and started fresh.

Reset the plugins properly, and added a few more. A cute one is the Snap Preview Anywhere plugin – hover over the link and see what this plugin does.

I also want to take a moment to mention Sarah Silverman, an actress, writer and comedian. She had a movie in 2005 “Jesus is Magic”, and I understand if it’s not your kind of humor. It’s shocking sometimes, but I find her delivery the true diamond in the VERY rough.

So now she’s started her own show on Comedy CentralThe Sarah Silverman Program. The supporting cast are great, and some are pretty known for their performances elsewhere.

I guess it’s supposed to be a bad parody of her life, but it’s a hoot.

  • Devo

    Craft’s night this Wed. at Alter and Naomi’s. I’ll bring the kilt and shirt and possibly the sporran if I have time to make it by then. You’ll need to bring a black or brown leather belt and shorts.

    • Thanks. I think I can handle that.
      Looking forward to it.

  • I personally dislike the snap plug-in, it meddles with the links and sometimes acts funnily. Luckily there’s a quick way of disabling it… 😉
    Thanks for the feedblitz link, and I added a thanks on my blog.

    BTW- I see you have two check boxes for getting follow-up comments by mail… Some plugin overlap?

    • Thanks for the notification – I had manually added the “subscribe” previously, before the plugin author added the tagline below the comment form. It should be cleared up now.