Advertising, yet again.

So this weekend, I drove out to the folks, and had a nice time with them, and my sister’s family. It was very nice, we had some great food – Friday night, tacos and refried beans, oh, the memories from Texas, and on Saturday lunch – a whole spread of everything that’s good, thanks to my momma.

Cervesa, tacos and some wine was there. The wine was a nice Carmel young blend, but the bottle left me a little confused.

Here is the bottle:


What is it this time?

“Beware the drunken juggling fairies from the fifties!”

Shout back with your tagline for this amazing product.

  • Sarah Barkai

    Dude! I like the short hair! Saw on channel 8 on a documentary about Jerusalem last week. How the hell are you???

    • Hey you.
      Long time no hear. So you saw me on TV? They caught me going through my Paul Senior phase.
      Doing ok, as the blog says.
      What’s up with you?

      • Sarah Barkai

        Lol! It wasnít so bad Ė I like the handlebar moustache! Everything is absolutely great (and Iím not being sarcastic either!) working at IDT, Iím sure youíve heard of it, technical support. Iíve been there for a while now. I mentioned you the other day and I realized youíve never met my Mike Ė the one I married!

        Whatís up with you? Details, details.

  • Aviad


    wazap man?

    hope you enjoy your time (Go big apple)

    see you soon buddy,