So we can make you do this, too!

So at work, a couple of months ago, our webmistress left for maternity leave a little prematurely, and two months later (!), we need some updates and whatnot to our website.

They company has a lot of people that can deal with: HTML, source control, and reading English instructions and following them.

But somehow, it becomes my job, “at least until we find a webmaster”.

They have yet to interview one webmaster, and from past experience, it’ll take forever before they actualy know what they want, then another lifetime until the interview a lot of people, and then, after an ice-age long wait, they’ll hire someone.

If I wanted to be a web developer, I wouldn’t have gotten so attached to hardware, software and networks. Ugh.

  • Uncle Dennis

    Dear Michael,
    What a pleasant 10 minutes. I just thought I would check out some of my lonely favorites, and there you were. Much of your life is blogged here, and I think its great. Very confident, very assured. Good for you.
    I’m off to referee a basketball game(Monday at Moriah)today at Epiphany. Keep up the good life.
    Uncle D

    • Hey Uncle D,
      Thanks for dropping by – it means a lot to me.
      I write what goes on, what I think. It’s my own little platform for me to tell the world that I have an opinion, too.
      I also like that I use this site as a “training ground” for web stuff – not that I want to do this for a living (see above post!), but to keep myself in the game. I think it’s pretty well developed.
      Good luck at the game, and we should talk again sometime soon. Events are unfolding towards the conclusion that we last discussed.
      Take care,

  • I’ll explain how your manager’s mind works:

    1. HTML goes over the network right?
    2. Therefore it is related to networks
    3. You are attached to networks
    4. Therefore you are attached to HTML
    5. Q.E.D

    • I think it’s a lot shorter than that by now:
      1. We screwed ourselves due to lack of planning/knowledge/caring/resources/twinkies etc.
      2. Mike can fix it.

      I so HATE being the around-the-clock hero. It’s nice now and then, but you’ve seen “Lois & Clark”, right? Clark eventually wants to throw in the towel, too!

      • So what you are saying is that you are TEH SECRET identity of SUPERMIKE?