Discount price? No problem.

So today I was out and about in Manhattan, and I met with the guy that sent me out on the quick fix-it job last week in Brooklyn.
He thinks that there is definitely something to develop with me and him. I am guessing that he is looking to finally start structuring the business part of his company and letting someone else deal with the day-to-day client/project/tech team management. We’ll see what develops, as tomorrow I’m meeting with some of his team at a client’s site to discuss some strategy.

After that, I moseyed on around and got lost at Penn Station looking on how to get to Long Island. It’s not easy for the uninitiated, believe me.

Finally went back home, but on the way, I stopped at Pace University’s Book Store – a location I read that would have SoundWalk‘s on sale.

They did indeed, so I grabbed one and went to check out.

At the register, the item showed up as $19.95 – but the guy punched in some numbers, and suddenly it’s only $1.00!! I confirmed this with him – “They are on sale.” so I grabbed three more, all for just a buck (plus tax, of course).

So if anyone wants one, they are only a dollar, or you can borrow one of mine when you get here.

  • Mike!

    I was quite absorbed in my own troubles to check out your blog, but I was very glad to see you made the big move. Very proud of you and I’m sure only good things will come of it.

    Good luck!


    • Hey Tal,
      Good to hear from you. I know you’ve been having somewhat of a rough time (an understatement?). I haven’t moved yet – but I will have moved by June. I’m here to get started, and am returning to Israel on Monday for another two weeks.

      • As long as you got the gears started! 😉
        We’re about to be even farther apart as far as timezones are concerned, but I hope we get to talk by voice some time soon!