Life in the City

I think I should star in a new TV series that contrasts with SATC – call it LITC “Life in the City”. In this, we don’t follow four women as they have copious amounts of relationship issues and discuss them.

In LITC, you watch one guy (presumably me) move to the big city from another country and not become a millionaire, not shack up with the hottest chick in town,  not score a dream job dancing on a keyboard in a toy store, not work in a mail room, while also working in an executive position, basically not do what you’ve seen Hollywood show you millions of times.

Let it show reality, the simple ways to find fun and happiness. Show the cheap bars, fast food joints, and discount theater tickets.

On the other hand, who’s going to watch this?

I wouldn’t.

  • YAP

    Well, the not working in the mailroom is good. And anyway, that job had wayyyy to much internal politics, you wouldn’t enjoy it.

    Apparently I can get this at work but not at home. Ay ideas?

    • Working in the mailroom seemed to work out for THAT guy.

      I think that the modem/router in use finally needs to be reset and reconfigured. But I can’t do it from here.