The Arrested Meme

From my good pal joshbrown

If you saw me in the back of a police car, what would you think I was there for?

Answer me, then post this in your own journal (or not) to see how many different crimes you get accused of committing.

  • joe brown leer

    so much to choose from…

    But, to be honest, I think that if you were in the back of a police car it would be for a joy ride of some sorts.
    They will never catch you! (And the cops like you too much)

  • Silvia

    Indeed many to choose from.
    Maybe, being an old letch. Actually, it would be police protection since you were harassing a very nice and innocent looking blond girl with very sharp teeth.

  • Tal

    Dragged in cuffs for wanton copyright infringement?…