A Secret Improv Mission

A little while ago I participated in another wonderful secret mission with Improv Everywhere.
We all got together and made a difference.

You can read the full article, and all the details along with stills here.

  • Michelle

    I gotta play devil’s advocate here and say that, even though the intention was well-placed, the execution left a little to be desired. It was indeed an improv, but in this case the family looks mostly confused and suspicious and I don’t think they felt that all you guys were really friends of the deceased… You all appeared together and left together. There was no real research done about the person, so you couldn’t say something like “Him and my grandfather used to play golf together way back when and I would sometimes come along. He was a great guy” etc. which would have made things seem a little more realistic… Nice thought, just missed the mark, I think.

  • Michelle

    Also, if this is an April’s fools – you got me, and on my birthday too!

  • Silvia

    Good thing this is a fake!
    And you look like a hitman for the mob 🙂