Cellular phone update

Well, this is my first attempt at posting from my phone.
I am in a car on my way home from work, and now I’m using a nice new browser – Opera mini. My SonyEricsson k750i has built-in predictive text, which makes writing a whole lot easier.
Anyways, this is just a test, and it seems to be working fairly well.
One interesting thing is that Hebrew is displayed backwards, just like the home ol’ days

Quick update

Wow. The party crowd has risen to over 15 confirmed, and a bunch more maybes and who knows who’ll just drop in?
Looking good, looking good!
Tomorrow, I hope to record the next show – for those of you not subscribed one way or another, the last one was uploaded a couple days ago here. Get some podcatcher software already, people!

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The holiday season is upon us again….

Hey y’all.
It seems that around this time every year I get all excited and happy that I can play some music dedicated to the seasonal festivities, despite where they come from.
Be it Christmas, Hannukah or any other holiday such as Chrismukkah, Festivus, Giftmas, HumanLight or hell, even Kwanzaa, I like to celebrate. In one way or another.
One of the best ways to celebrate is to meet up with friends, hang out, relax, schmooze and have a good time.

So this year, I am planning on hosting a theme celebration at my place, open one and all, with the main theme being having a good time. We don’t have to have a specific battle victory or a mysterious birth to have a good time.
This should take place at my apartment on Saturday, December 24th, starting in early afternoon and going until whenever.
If you plan on coming, please bring something – drinks, snacks, whatever, just don’t come empty-handed.

If you are interested in participating, please let me know and send me your email address to miketheman[at]gmail[dot]com – I hope to have the eVite site up on Sunday night.
This will be the second Real Life event, the previous being the fun-fun picnic we had a while ago, so keep that in mind.

If you know of a friend/acquaintance or someone who isn’t familiar with The Real Life, add them to the eVite list as well.

Looking forward to hearing and seeing everyone next week, and you’d better be happy!

EDIT: After everyone called attention to the fact that I can’t read a calendar correctly, I have updated the date.

Interesting cultural question

For those of you either outside Israel, or have recently arrived, please comment on the following:
What is considered a lot of money?
Is $5 a lot of money?
Or is the limit $10?
How about $20 bucks? Is that a lot? Or maybe the limit is higher?

Another question – how much is a pint of beer at your neighborhood bar? How much do you tip for just one drink?

Looking for some data to evaluate. Your responses are greatly appreciated.

* All prices are in USD. 🙂

Hear ye, hear ye.

I have been pronounced healthy enough to return to work – doc stressed “in a relaxed fashion!” – and I have to take more blood tests next week. What fun.
I’m hale enough to work, but not to drive myself in, due to the enlarged status of my organs. (Bring on the ridicule. I dare you.)
On another note, I baked some bread in my new automatic breadmaker. Pretty cool – and yummy too. I am going to be experimenting with different mixtures of flour and try different kinds of bread too. If you want to try some, let me know.
In the last couple of hours, I was informed that our water heater on our roof was leaking again, so I popped up on the roof to find out what’s going on, and the intake pipe to it was busted and leaking everywhere. So, after calling the landlord, he called his son, who came over, saw the problem, took a part and went to find a replacement. Hopefully life will restore to normalcy soon.
Apparently, my wonderfully psychic network at work has somehow finally realized that I’m returning, and in its joy, it exploded. Not literally, of course, but it decided to create all kinds of hell today and shot down all office operations for a while.
So tomorrow I’m riding in with a coworker and I’ll be doing that for a while until I get the A-OK from the doc, hopefully next week.