Walking in the shower

This is going to sound pretty strange.

I was in the shower, and I thought to myself, how cool it would be to just walk around and explore the city.
I’ve been in and out of this city for many years now, and I’ve never taken the time to actually walk the length and breadth of it.

I’d also like to expand my travels to walking to other cities, if at all possible.

Anyone else fancy a walk?

Well, now, here I am!

Firstly, thanks a mil to baradrae for inviting me here.

Well, it’s a bright Sunday noon (morning?) and I’m at home in front of BAMF, trying to figure out why MiniBAMF is giving me trouble, and contemplating whether or not M$ is going to be the first Anachro-Capitalist organization, and should I get on board now?

This weekend was great. A friend drove us up to Ramla, where we hung out for a bit, switched cars and continued to Ra’anana, and we got a nice alternating 3-player Unreal Deathmatch going. (I HATE mice with balls! Give me a neutered one any day!) Obviously, I got totaled by the other two ganging up on me, because they knew every level by heart already, but it was fun trying to beat them at their own game. After two hours of that, we went out for some of the best pizza ever, Meter. Eventually, we got back, and the gangs started piling in, in droves. Plenty of alcohol, music, laughs (even a girl-on-girl wrestling match!!), and an all-around good time.
Time spent: 8 hours
Cash spent: 80 NIS
Worth every bit.

Anyways, my arms are sore from too much (not enough?) poi swinging, and I need to keep on, or else my arms’ll die.