And everything is… yellow.

So today I went out and saw the spankin’ new The Simpsons Movie (2007).

I must confess, I’ve never been a huge fan of the yellow-skinned animated characters – they have cased me to smile now and then, but they were not “spectacular!” and “totally rad, dude!” to me.

Maybe it’s because the comedy influences I had when in developing years ranged from the old-time USA comedians (Jack Continue reading And everything is… yellow.

Some people are pretty darned cool

So my good friend Erez sent me this via email, and I thought it was pretty darned awesome. A company comes together to do something as strange and creative as this, now that’s a company that everyone wants to work for.

So check out how they’ve taken an old idea of recording yourself lip-syncing into a whole new realm.

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Come on, blow us up! I dare you.

So yet again Israel’s doing something a little weird.

Saturday night, we were over at some friends and caught wind of something playing in the background on their computer. One of the other guests freaked outin happiness and started to sing along.

On further investigation, this is a song written by Israeli band “Teapacks“(a friend of mine actually shows up in one of their music videos). The song sounds a lot like their other songs, and is in three languages – English, French and Hebrew.

So I’m not really impressed by the song itself – but I have to consider the fact that Israel’s choice of song has caused a lot of ruckus in international news, as well as first being rejected from the Eurovision contest, and then allowed after appeal.

It’s pretty interesting – Israel’s history of the Eurovision. Joined the contest in 1973 – and got 4th place.

Then, only five years later, a first place win! And then another! The first, a somewhat gibberish song, the second “Haleluyah” – you may have heard it.
Then silence for almost 20 years – with few high-placing songs – and then we bring on a transsexual singing some weird song about a Diva or such.

And Israel wins.

Important to mention – Diva took a total of 172 points – higher than both other Israel wins. Last year, however, the Finnish heavy metal band Lordi with “Hard Rock Hallelujah” took a record-breaking 292 points (just for a scale!) in Finland’s first-ever Eurovision win.

Israel, the land of wholesome historical values and entire neighborhoods cordoned off for the Sabbath – Israel wins with a Diva. Good for us.

And then – silence yet again, with some pretty lame entries over the past few years, and then we come to this year. Brilliance.

So go ahead, enjoy the show – May 10th for those interested. It’s gone to hell and it ain’t coming back too soon.

In any case, if you really want to push a button, I suggest you do it in the safety of your own home, by clicking right here.

Watch the clip here.

Thanks for reading.

Advertising, yet again.

So this weekend, I drove out to the folks, and had a nice time with them, and my sister’s family. It was very nice, we had some great food – Friday night, tacos and refried beans, oh, the memories from Texas, and on Saturday lunch – a whole spread of everything that’s good, thanks to my momma.

Cervesa, tacos and some wine was there. The wine was a nice Carmel young blend, but the bottle left me a little confused.

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Magic trick, woo hoo!

So I found a nice little trick that someone put together and saw a good performance of it.

It’s a quickie one, a three card monte, and it took me about three minutes to figure it out. I also jotted down how the cards move, and I must say that it’s performed with a certain degree of elegance.


EDIT: The “three card monte” that I referred to before is actually not a magic trick, but typically refers to a con, trying to get you to find the queen, etc.
I tend to use the term loosely when referring to any magic trick with three cards.

Thanks to Paul again for his attention to detail.