It’s late Tuesday night, and I feel like I’ve been neglecting the world.


I am now unemployed, almost a month now, as the company I was working for closed down (another one? waugh!).
I’ve been spending this time relaxing, looking for another job, checking out some leads, and hell, I even called someone I met in NYC to see if he had any leads there for me to pursue. Unfortunately not.

I’ve been practicing a bit of juggling, and more poi moves that I’ve learned, as I’m sick and tired of burning myself.

I got an AstroJax http://www.astrojax.com the other day in the mail, and I’m practicing avidly with it, in hopes of mastering the art of counter-gravity. It’s not as easy as it looks. I’ve already bruised myself a couple of times.

Anyways, tomorrow I’m headed to a Job Fair, here in J-Town, in pursuit of employment and CASH.