Another day, another dollar…

Well, another day gone, and where am I?

At this moment, I’m sitting in Aroma, at the Central Bus Station, eating a sandwich, and writing on my Palm.

I think that somewhere deep down inside my body/head/soul, my sense of self is re-evaluating everything. I have thoughts of quitting smoking temporarily, and starting to excercise. On some level, I feel like I’m neglecting my body, abusing it, and it definitely deserves better.

STILL looking for a job, so if you know of anything for me, drop me a line!

  • kmelion

    Will R’s wife Tanya had a baby girl, just after midnight Wed./Thursday.

    Are you interested in going to Inballim with me? If you’re still at the CBS in 1/2 hour (11:30ish) I can meet you and give you the flyer…Or you can walk by where I work (it’s 5 minutes from the CBS)