Wow. Last night….


I suddenly feel the need to share with the virtualverse some of my own personal experiences, and seeing as some of the people involved might be mentioned, I will try to be as tactful as I can, while still trying to speak freely.

Last night:

Approx 6:30pm, I had my audition for “Free to Be You & Me”. The audition required me to tell a children’s story, and sing a song. I had chosen a Brothers Grimm original, with all the dark and murky details. Only a few lines into it, the co-director (who knows me from a previous play) had me stop, and read a few lines from a prepared text, and about 3 minutes into that, she had me stop, and sing my song. I sang two verses of “House of the Rising Sun” by The Animals.
I think they were pleased, as they had me stick around to sing along and go through some excercises with all the other call-backs.
That was a lot of fun, and gave me chance to use the bass in my voice, and notice that nobody else was a seriious bass. Yipee! Who knows. I should find out by Sunday whether or not I’m in.

Oh my god!!!!

I just took a short break, and came back, I had a voicemail from the co-director AND an email, congratulating me on my acceptance! Wahoo!!! We’ll be performing in September, so check back later for details if you want to come.

Ok, now that I’ve called a few people, and found out that my good friend didn’t get in ( šŸ™ sorry, man. I really wish you were in. But then again, your face is all over the wall there, so give someone else a chance. ) and found out that we’ll be rehearsing pretty intensely for the next 2 months, and have 7 performances. Wish me a broken leg!

Anyway, continuing last night…

I had been “invited” to a BYOB party at the same location, later that evening, in the roof apartment of the building. So, later, J, Y and I got to the party, and I brought makings for margaritas, and mixed up a few, that were great! So, mingling and having a good time, eventually that party drew to a close. Rather early, I thought. Anyways, we were hearing a lot of noise coming from downstairs, so we adjourned to another mini-party going on on another friend’s balcony. So, after yet more drinks, and playing the ever-present bar games of “Never” and “Truth or Dare”, all in Hebrew, mind you, I think I suddenly turned into the world’s most attractive guy or something. No offense to ANYONE, ANYWHERE! but WOW! Three extremely attractive, albeit slightly inebriated young women seemed to have the hots for me. Now, I’m not complaining, but WOW! If a guy ever needs an ego boost, ladies, get two of your friends, and jump him. It’s an experience. I’ll spare any more details out of respect for the lovely ladies.
We eventually split, and took the walk home at something like 3am, and had a great time talking along the way.

Alcohol for me is a great social lubricant, as it allows you to say and express things that you might not normally do under regular circumstances. The right drinks at the right time, whoa.

Anyway, rehearsals start next week, and I’m really looking forward to it. Hope to see you in September!