“Let’s just be friends”

Goes well with “I like you, as a friend” and “He’s just soooo fun to hang out with”.

Why not just castrate us and be done with it?

What’s the point of it all, anyway?

She’s cute, nice, and is it me? Or is it her? I mean, I appreciate the honesty and all, but COME ON!

Aww, crap.

  • angeleyes1701

    Women are a riddle. But the difference between women and other riddles, is that the more you try to figure this one out, the less chance you actually have to suceed.

    We do crazy things sometimes. Like break up with someone we’ve been with for nearly 6 years in order to try and find our own path, then hook up with someone we met barely two weeks ago. Or tell a guy we only want him as a friend for some weird reason. Maybe she’s one of these people who believe in love at first sight and she didn’t get a hard enough look. Maybe she waited for the animal attraction that never came. Or maybe she has too many issues in her life to deal with, so seriously dating right now seems like a bad idea. Or maybe she wants to know if you will have her as a friend and give the other things a chance to develop by themselves. Or maybe she likes you too much. That happens too. Either way – it’s so very totaly her loss.

  • miketheman

    … ye dinnae make an’ sense ta me ears.
    But then again, isn’t that what you just wrote about? If I can’t figure it out, then what good is the puzzle? It becomes irrelevant, as the solution is a foregone conclusion.
    Does that mean I should not even begin to try to understand the complexiteis and subtleties of women?
    And then have them get pissed for not taking an interest?
    How does THAT work?