Oh what a night!

Late December back in ’63….
Don’t sit at home and wait for your friends to call to pick you up and NOT go to the bathroom.
They called about an hour late, and I had to take a leak. So I didn’t.
Now, after walking around downtown, drinking a couple liters at the bar, eating some fries at the bar, then riding over to my frined’s place, drinking some more, smokin’ some weed, watching some tv, heading home, and LOTS of laughter, I finally took a leak.
Felt like releasing the waters of the Gihon dam a second before they overflowed on theri own.
Just had to metnion it.

  • angeleyes1701

    Damn. Life is hard isn’t it?

    Say hi to your bladder for me. 🙂

  • roach_il

    There’s something worse… Like mixing beer and vodka-redbull at the bar and not going to the bathroom there. In the taxi on the way to go dancing, I felt like puking, but it’s a taxi, right? You can’t ask him to pull over while you spill your guts. I made it to the bathroom at the club just in time. But in the sink, not a toilet, so it was still gross. And this wasn’t back in the 60s…this was two nights ago. 😀

  • miketheman

    …. how about a big wet kiss?

    Now try to get THAT image out of your head! Muhahahah!

  • miketheman

    … it’s the puking part.
    I haven’t lost my stomach in quite a long time now, as I think I’ve either built up a serious tolerance, or I’m just drinking more wisely.
    There’s a combo I didn’t think I’d ever use. “Drinking” and “wise”.

  • roach_il

    LOL but yeah, you have to think about what you’re doing. I knew I’d drunk really fast, but since I haven’t thrown up from drinking in years (ever? could it be?), I didn’t think it would be that bad. Actually, it might have been the nachos on top of it all that did it. LOL

  • kimpire

    Called you last night at 9 but you didn’t get home yet. Will you have any time in the near future? Day or night is not a problem; getting my laptop fixed overrides all other considerations including work, yeshiva, and sleep 🙂