Ok, now this is a tough call.

I’m reviewing the site for Worldcon 2005, to be held in Glasgow, August ’05.
Registration price is $170 for the entire shebang, which I can actually split into payments, if I register now.
I alos jsut spoke to a friend, a travel agent, who actually sent to Boston’s Worldcon for a decent price, and he is of the opinion that there will be better prices a bit closer to August, but it shouldn’t be more than about $400.
Now, I don’t know how much the hotels will cost, but I can be sure it won’t be cheap.
So it’s a long-term concept dream, and who knows what will happen by then.

  • cogitationitis

    Hotel rates vary; they’re on the web. I urge you to reserve your hotel early and cancel if needed, because hotels are filling fast. If you’re looking for cheap, I believe there are campus accomodations. They’re either a bit of a walk, or a cab ride away (cabs were cheap & plentiful in ’95).

    I believe the reg price goes up soon, so buy as early as you can. There is usually some market in reselling memberships, and you can generally get all or most of what you paid for it, so long as you go to fannish markets (not Ebay), like rec.arts.sf groups.

    Now would also be a good time to look into buying a membership for LAcon (’06). The hotel rates are $100/night for LA. More info at http://www.worldcon.org