Update: Completely unexpected, yet…

Well, tonight was a complete surprise.
After the show, She had to run out to another pre-scheduled commitment. I get a ride home, and drag Joe along with. We sit and start to conceptualize the makings of another show, and thinking about who we can/should get for different parts etc.
Suddenly that special ring goes off, and my face lights up. It’s Her. Apparently, Her event got canceled for the strangest reasons, and I ask her if she wants to go get some coffee. She responds in kind, and even extends it to dinner.
I drop Joe like a hot potato, and tell him that he’s welcome to hang, but he’s on his own now.
I shoot out of my apartment, and we go downtown and have a wonderful dinner, great conversation. The evening seems to go on forever, and I don’t want it to stop.
For I know the dark secret! I must confront mine own fears afore the night is done!
So we stroll around, and get Her some frozen yoghurt from the stand on the corner there, and sit down and have more wonderful conversation.
Finally, we head back to the car, and she drives back towards my place. We park outside, and I say this: “Can we talk for a minute?” She shuts off the car and turn the light on. Attentive. “I have to get something off my chest. I can’t get you out of my mind. I look forward to seeing you every day, and I really like you.” (Note to self: breathe) She completely is on the same page as me, and together we discuss the treacherous road that lies ahead, and that we’ll try the whole director-actor relationship and keep it completely seperate from the Me-Her relationship.
We held hands for a bit, and then, as the night drew to a close, I asked her (asked her, mind you! Papa learned me good!) if I might kiss her goodnight.

(insert huge smile here)

  • joshbrown

    Okay. I am checking the weather forcasts for Hell, and issuing them a warning to watch for snow. Also, I will contact all the pig farmers I know to keep an eye for their animals taking off.

    But seriously, great news, man. I am really happy for you.
    Now if only I could find someone…

  • cogitationitis

    I told you you could do it. Next thing you know, the Red Sox will win the World Series. Oh, wait…

  • kmelion

    You da man!

    Bring her to the SCA Purim thing…and ask her if she’d be interested in Commedia….

  • zachkessin

    I’m really happy for you, she’s a great girl. And bring her to the Purim event.

  • miketheman

    … Hell was pretty cold last night, and the residents have sent a thank you card for the climate change.
    Initial reports from Idaho confirm that a large population of the domestic swine have already flown the coop in search of warmer climes.

    Thanks for the support.
    And hey, just read ‘s statistics in his past comments.

  • miketheman

    Thanks. It was a moment of truth, and you’ve heard of (or had) butterflies in your stomach? I had pterodactyls, beating their wings and trying to take flight in the deep caverns of Me.
    I don’t get scared much, but I got scared last night. I was scared that She would have answered anything else.
    World series notwithstanding, the next improbable happenstance would be quiet in our neck of the woods.

  • kahnman

    And he’s even playing Mushy Songs [Tm] too.

    Best of luck, dude!

    [ I just posted my 4000th LJ comment. Wow! ]

  • kimpire


  • angeleyes1701

    Woohoo! Yay! *bounce bounce bounce*

    Now EVERYONE has someone! Yay! Woohoo!


    Happy for you love! So very very happy! Can’t wait to come to Jerusalem to meet her… 🙂