It’s that day.

Well, this weekend was a blast.
Thursday night we had a good show, and afterwards, we all went out to the Coffee Shop on Emek & Rahel Imenu.
Friday day, I wake up too late, stumble over to the theater, just in time to change, get makeup and perform wonderfully for tons of kids.
After that, rush home, make some food and SLEEP for a few hours.
Wake up later, and arrive, bearing ‘s remains of a computer and discourteously drop it on my desk, while I’m half-baked. I respond in kind, saying “Get that crap outta here!”
Anyways, Saturday, I head out to a communal lunch thing for the cast of our show, and She was there, in purple, looking beautiful…. {wistful sigh}
Saturday night show was great, and afterwards, I got dragged home at high speed, and then I got the surprise of my life. She called! She wanted to tell me that unfortunately we wouldn’t be able to go dancing Sunday, as She has a prior commitment, but wanted to know if I wanted to hang out, watchg a movie or stuff. YIPPEE!
Well, She came over and we watched a couple of Storyteller episodes, and then the entire Riverdance show, which we both love! After that, came out of his den and sat and chatted with us.
I have to ask Her tonight if she wants to go out for coffee on Monday night. God, I hope I don’t go all shaky-kneed. This is SO not me.