This is a shout going out!

Countrymen, lend me your ears!

Now that’s aside, I need everyone’s cooperation for this.
This Thursday night, March 17th, Merkaz HaMagshimim Hadassah in Jerusalem is holding a “Comedy & Improv Beit Cafe” event.
Essentially, this is an excuse to get a bunch of people together, charge rather low admission, have an open bar. Oh, and be entertained.
What I want from everyone who reads this is:

1. Come to the event. It’s cheap, it’s fun, and I’m running it, so beware my wrath! Contact me if you are coming and need help getting to the event.
2. I need y’all to come up with content, as follows:
Everyone provide at least 2 different emotions.
Open a book, turn to the 42nd page, and give me the first line of dialog that appears. Please do this with at least 4 books. Please have this sent ASAP.
Finally, provide a couple of ideas – scenes – that you’d like seen played out. No idea is too wacky, but try to keep it clean.

Thank you all, and I look forward to seeing you at the event!

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  • nightface

    Emotions: Adoration, Envy.

    “Are you fools?”

    “Last red warning! Two gravities! One minute! Knock off those pinochle games and spread your fat carcasses – we’re goin’ to smoke”

    “Course to Brigit, sir”

    “Is there any other gateway around here, Modo?”

    “Your Scotland Yard experience has served you well, Mr. Smith, for I have no doubt you are right”

    “What in the name of heaven are you?”

    “But it’s so simple. Let John bring him back from the dead”

    Want more lines?

    I don’t know if I’ll be coming. Noa won’t be able to make it that night and I don’t see spending much time there without her.

  • cogitationitis

    Wish I could come, but it’s a bit of a commute. I’ll look for reviews. Good luck, have fun.

  • schniff

    1. As much as I’d love to come, I can’t. Tons to do and I have to be home Friday.. If it goes well there would be a next time, right?
    2. Gratitude, anxiety, anticipation, delight, despair. Need more?
    “You’ll be able to remember us”
    “Piglet, I have decided something.” (any guesses where this is from? Hint: no..)
    “You’re uncle Vince, aren’t you?”
    “Very soon now. This gentleman here been paying his respects to Dr. Hoenikker?”
    “Is there a mountain there? And a kindly curriculum?”

  • anonymous

    It was great fun. So Mr.HawaiianShirt took a nap and missed the shot taken at him but no worries.