THHGTTG Opening this Thursday!

Hiya everyone!
The Guide is opening this Thursday, and I am opening the floor for discussion – who wants to come to the 19:30 PM showing? Remember, it’s also Independence day here, so take that into account when timing your schedule.
I can pre-order tickets, and select their locations, but only for a little while longer.
Price of a ticket is 35 NIS, if ordered thru me, payable in cash upon arrival at the theater. Better if paid before, of course. If ordered, and you didn’t make it, payment is still required!
This obviously guarantees you a seat, esp. with the rest of the gang, in around the 7th or 8th row (this is a bit behind mid-theater, and is a good location).
The floor is open, ladies and gents, for the next day or so, so any questions, ideas, comments, fire away!

  • miketheman
  • kimpire

    Miri has two free tickets for Thursday through Cellcom and I’ll be going with her. I just sent her an SMS to find out if it’s the same showing, though, and I’ll let you know whether to save two seats for us or not.

    (We’re actually planning on bringing towels with us. On a date, not even as part of a group. I *love* this girl.)

  • miketheman

    That’s wonderful!
    I forgot to mention to everyone to bring towels, of course. 🙂
    Bear in mind that if the obtains her tickets from another party, I cannot guarantee seat reservation, as the seats ARE numbered, as opposed to our conventions in TLV.
    So you’ll be there – make sure of the times!

  • kimpire

    I don’t know what the restrictions are on the free tickets, if it’s one particular showing or if it’s any showing. But certainly if we have the option will go with all of you and let you know in advance 🙂

  • schniff

    Order tickets for Yehuda and me please!

  • mick_hale

    Both Josh and I are in!

  • tinkerbell1980

    call me to tell me when thou ok?

  • miketheman

    Are you coming to Jerusalem on Thursday evening to see it? We’re planning on going at 19:30 – and if you reserve a ticket, you have to pay for it, even if you don’t show up.
    It’s a commitment.