iPods for sale!

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Net Shoppers Network.
We currently have (in stock!) a few devices and comparative prices for you, and will be glad to provide the service of supplying them to you for cash.
The wonderful devices are: iPod photo (2 each of both 30GB and 60GB) and iPod Shuffle (3 each of both 1GB and 512MB).

Here’s a comparison table:

   Israel List Price (NIS) My Price (NIS)  My Price (USD) 
iPod Shuffle – 512 MB 




iPod Shuffle – 1GB




iPod Photo – 30GB




iPod Photo – 60GB




A link to Apple’s web site comparison is here.

These are all brand new, slightly higher than list in the USA, and a fully guaranteed by Apple worldwide.

All comments to this post are screened, so you can safely respond to me here, and we can work out how to get you your new iPod device.