• mick_hale

    Hell, I wouldn’t be able to pay for a meal at The Red Heifer.

    Excellently funny show this time.

    Central Bus Station in Tel Aviv is the single sketchiest place ever built. There’s a sex shop in the mall area. The entire building is dirty and gross and generally just sketchy. Needless to say, I was less than thrilled when I got stuck in an elevator there that decided it didn’t want to work anymore.

    I want that MP3 of Wild Thing. What other Muppets MP3s do you have that I can grab?

    I could talk for hours about how much IDT sucks. (Also, I don’t think that Dina listens to this show. When I told her it’s mostly Mike and Joe being Mike and Joe, she asked why she needed to actively listen to that.)

  • schniff

    The metal detector that security guys use? Not a metal detector. All those bleeping noises it makes do indicate that you’re hiding something, but not in your pockets. They just ask you silly questions to distract you while they scan your brain.

    This job is so complicated and confidential they try to only hire stupid people to do it (Erase that if you know anyone who works in security. I don’t)…

    Also, note to self: Do NOT listen to the bar corner on an empty stomach.

    And what are you guys going to do at Icon anyway? Except for Joe being voted for, that is.

  • avgboojie

    – Damn. With Shlamko lurking trying to get new pics of me sticking my tongue out so he can send them to Locus AGAIN and you trying to record me, ICon will be SCARY. 😛
    – Israelis might not be that good with time estimates, but this probably has SOME reason – most cases, when you tell someone in Israel, “it’ll take an hour”, say, he gets all mad, like, “Are you insane? HOW long?” and stuff. You need to give a lower estimate or people go insane. And, you know, an angry customer AFTER the job is concluded and payment is already due no matter what is preferable to an angry customer BEFORE making the job order, when he can take himself someplace else.
    – That muppets song indeed does ROCK. WILD THING!
    – Mike, you’ve become TOO Texan. Need some of that removed. Try surgery. Have that drained.
    – The problem with Israeli theatre is not how long we have it, but, as usual, MONEY. Budgets. The Israeli theatre has great history, since before Israel was founded.
    – Next time you get someone to hit Joe, please make sure it’s done louder, for the sake of your eager listeners.
    – Did you spend about a quarter of the show discussing the life of tech support? Eeeew!
    – “Keep the lights going on and off” is a much better slogan than just “Keep the lights going”.

  • joshbrown

    1) I know the quote (of course) – “We got it all on UHF!
    2) The whole question/security guard thing is like the story at the airport. One of the questions they ask is “Did anyone put anything into your baggae without your knowledge?”. Someone I know asked the security person how could he know if it was done without his knowledge. She answered that he was right, but they were required to ask it.
    The real reason, of course, is that it is all a legal issue.
    3) That picture of Joe – Mike may have taken it, but Joe made the face!
    4) When Mike was “interviewing” Dan, he sounds like such a prat. Sorry about that, but you really did. But yes, it must have been the Beck’s.
    5) Joe is a theater snob. Period. I mean, you didn’t have to sit with him in the car on the way back from ICon after the show at the Tel Aviv Museum. I did.
    6) Do NOT get me started on IDT. Okay?

  • kmelion

    Vos Fur a Meshugene Hot Gemacht Diese Podcast? – What Kind of Nut Made this Podcast?

    Also…been to Red Heifer…service sucked, food wasn’t anything special and it was all overpriced. Go to Joy on Emek Refaim or Joy Express on Yaffa St. instead.

  • kmelion

    I have about 50 Muppet/Sesame Street mp3s.