The Icon summary show

… has been up for a couple of days, I wanted to see how many people came across it via subscriptions etc. before posting it here., in case you forgot.
Tell all your friends, and hey, post a link to this on any society board’s forums as “another review of Icon”.

  • joebrown42

    I sound like an idiot!!!
    Well, I am an idiot, I know, but STILL!!!

  • mick_hale

    Dude, they have dildos in a display case. They couldn’t make it more obvious.

    Also, I created , the LJ syndicated account. Might be useful, and you can pick up the comments from there as well. is some dummy account by some dork that doesn’t have any friends or posts, and is actually in use by someone.

    Haha, prestige amongst geeks. That’s like that old graphic. “Arguing on the Internet is like running in the special Olympics: Even if you win, you’re still retarded.”

  • avgboojie

    – Un-vote for Joe!
    – Ooh! Kilroy!
    – YOU will kick MY ass, Mike??? You and what army? Argh!
    – Why do people like the show? Didn’t you just say you have ALCOHOL?
    – Sex shops don’t usually mention they’re sex shops? Like, huh? All those I’ve ever seen (from OUTSIDE! Yeah! That’s it!) are totally obvious about it. From the name, which is usually a dead giveaway (like, say, “sexstyle”), to the title “sex shop” or some other variation.
    – There were quite a few people who actually enjoyed the Buffy stage musical. I heard/read several good reviews.
    – “You can have your shows, just not SUCKY ones” is VERY diplomatic. Very.
    – You shouldn’t apologize to Ilan about the spoiler. You should apologize to YOUR FUCKING AUDIENCE. Ilan is not the only one listening, you know. Or at least, so you should hope.
    – I kinda like Odeon. The service there is never good at con time, but who knows. And I think our special arrangement about the special dinner confused them.
    – I ate several times at Metuka and everything was okay – they always managed my special requests with no problems. And considering the large number of people there at con time their service was quite good.
    – About Mike’s tuna story, I’ve eaten in a restaurant with a friend allergic to tomatoes, and he told the waiter he doesn’t want the salad because it contains tomatoes and he doesn’t eat them. The waiter suggested he takes a certain dish. The dish arrived, and the sauce had tomatoes. We asked him why the fuck there were tomatoes in the sauce, and the waiter said he thought the problem was only about the SALAD. Like, huh?
    – “Too many activities” is actually a GOOD complaint. May all our problems be of this sort.
    – I didn’t get to see the non-Powers-GOHs AT ALL. I mean, I did get glimpses of them in the corridors, but nothing beside that. Too many GOHs, oh dear.
    – “The first lady of science fiction” – like, die.
    – There have always been many girls in the SF community. You just don’t know them. I do, as do many people who were on the IOL/Ort forum.
    – I don’t do the birthday presents thing either, but I still have a wishlish. 😛 And wait till you see the AWESOMEST GIFT EVER I got from Kip.
    – No Baron game, sorry. 🙁 There weren’t enough confirmations, though quite a few people were interested. Anyway, the tripuledet.con is an open event, openly announced on the Ort sf forum and on my journal.
    – Huh? I recall Nir or Kilroy claiming a while back that they’re not going to do the opening show this year, because no time and stuff!
    – Anyway, Nir DID do an excellent job at hosting the Geffen Awards, as usual. Which is probably the reason they knew they can drop it on him in such short notice.
    – Frodo in the big city! Edit! Edit! Also, downloadable version of “death is your friend!”
    – Ziv Kitaro is a GOOD man. He rubbed my shoulders at ICon and didn’t puke on me, though he wanted to. (Yeah, I didn’t like how this sounds, either…) 😛
    Anyway, if all goes well, him and his totally cool wife will be at the tripuledet.con. Tripuledet.con this year is about to be INFESTED with roleplayers. Spooky.

  • angeleyes1701

    I want to be on your show too… 🙁

  • soundguy

    To the Tiki Bar !