Sickness and whatnot

So I’ve been feeling under the weather lately.
After much urging by many parties, I finally went to the doctor today.
I don’t have a regular doctor, but I got recommended to approach a Terem Medical center, which I did.
From the initial examination, the doc is pretty sure that I have acute tonsillitis, which was something different than what I thought it was.
The kicker is that beyond that, the main problem I seem to have is that I have all the identifiers of mono! I mean, me! Mono! WTF!!
Now, reading up on this, it seems that it can be spread through coughing, and I’ve been doing a lot of that lately. I hope I didn’t start what will be know for years to come: “The Mono Epedemic of ’05”
I also kind of want to know where I got it from, just so that I can have someone to hunt down and kill when I feel up to it.

So this week will be spent lazing around and trying to keep from shooting myself. The debilitating fatigue is the worst.
Wish me luck!

  • avgboojie

    It’s not as if mono is a rare disease. And most people get it more or less similar to a regular flu, only with some side effects of slight fatigue which usually takes no more than two weeks to go away.
    The luckier among us, like, say, I don’t know, um, off the top of my head here, me – have the pleasure of developing full-blown CFS afterwards to last them almost a lifetime. But you have to be particularly lucky to get THAT bonus.
    Take lots of vitamin C. It works. And be well, dear.

  • highlydubious

    I tell you, tyhe internet is the worst thing that happened to medical science. Now everyone can self-diagnose. Sounds like 10 days of antibiotics will make it all go away (and the amazing part is that you will feel the difference after one day… )

    and yeah, feel better… 🙂

  • queenkangaroo

    That’s a bummer man. I had mono last year. I don’t know how I got it, it’s a drag.

  • dhole

    oh dear God not mono, stay away, stay away. . . actually, I need to talk to you about network stuff. And maybe give you money. You going to be home tonight?

  • miketheman

    “Slight fatigue”?? Ok, it’s not CFS, but it sure doesn’t feel like “slight” cuts it here.

  • miketheman

    I don’t self-diagnose at all. I went to the doctor, for the first time in many many years, and was properly diagnosed.
    She actually said that the antibiotics could worsen the mono situation.

  • miketheman

    Quite. How long did it take to leave?

  • miketheman

    I am here. Whether my brain is on or off, I’ll let you be the judge of that.

  • queenkangaroo

    2ish months, if I’m remembering correctly. I didn’t have it so bad, though. I was sleeping 12 or so hours a day, but I wasn’t in pain. I even made it out of the house once in a while.

  • highlydubious

    Thought she told you you have tonsillitis…

  • mrlightning

    Might come and visit on Thursday. Be Well.

  • avgboojie

    Hey, I guess my definition of “slight” is different than yours. 😛

  • avgboojie

    Not where mono is concerned. I mean, tonsilitis yes, it’s probably a germ, but mono is a virus (Epstein-Barr virus), and is definitely not to be treated by antibiotics.

  • kahnman

    I once had mono and didn’t even know it. 😛 The antibodies showed up in a blood-test a year or two later. Bizarre. Feel better soon.

  • joebrown42

    Good for you about going to the doctor, maybe that horrid cough will go away.

    BTW – you do know that mono is called the kissing disease in Hebrew, right? At least, I hope Sylvia knows that…

  • angeleyes1701

    I had it when I was 14. Got it from my first boyfriend. He didn’t even notice he had it while I spent a month and a half at home in horrid pain.

    Hope you’ll be okay.