Day 3 of the ongoing misery called my life

So my sleeping patterns are all screwed up, and I’m awake at the most odd hours of night, sitting around in pain, trying to keep my mind elsewhere.
It’s no fun and games for this miserable sack o’ bones. Imagine: every time you swallow, you wince so badly that your shoulders scrunch up and the pain is so bad you try to prevent the need to swallow.
Let’s not even talk about sneezing.
Added with the lethargy from mono, I want to sit here and die. Anyone volunteering to assist me on my journey?

  • joebrown42

    Didn’t you notice the arsenic in the vanilla ice cream?

  • _standback_

    I’m willing to sit here if you’ll do the dying part.

    Bah. Feel better. Refuah Shleima…

  • highlydubious

    In our “it could have been worse” section let me tell you what happened to me when I tried to cough or heavens-forbid – sneeze after my surgery… It was like they took 32 pairs of hot pliers and tried to extract my lungs from my nose and ass at the same time. So cheer up… your lungs are still in tact…

  • tryscer

    I’ll kill you, sure.

  • angeleyes1701

    Pain killers. Trust me. Lots of them at this point. They allow you to drink and *gasp* eat.

  • avgboojie

    Imagine: every time you swallow, you wince
    Try taking it at the back of your throat, no taste buds there.

    Oh, oops. Was thinking about another type of “swallow”. Sorry. 😛

    (Laughing is good for the sick. So it is.)