Feedback from ole whathisname

So for those of you that have subscribed to the show, you already know there’s a new episode.
For those that haven’t subscribed yet, go here:
It’s a great show – let me know what you think. It’s your feedback that keeps the show going, so give us some to work with, eh?
What ever happened to ??

  • mick_hale

    I rather enjoyed the play. I know Ronit from Toronto, and for her, that was a really well played part by her, as Molly. But yeah, calling up Shannon to the stage was kitchy and amateurish.

    Where do we vote for the podcast?

    Also, I dunno if it was such a good idea to slam the Post if you want to win this thing. But I laughed my ass off all through it, since I’m a Post subscriber and I find myself screaming at for massive editing errors.

  • avgboojie

    was eaten by the terrible troll of overwork, and ever since then can’t find the time to listen to the show properly. 🙁
    Will try to do my share of the work soon. Really.

  • miketheman

    We don’t “slam” anyone – we inform everyone of our opinion of what is in fact, reality.
    Don’t argue with reality, boy. 🙂

    Voting will be opened on Jan 9th, and I will post details as soon as possible.

  • joshbrown

    Thank you for making me even more depressed. Not only won’t you mention my name, but you poke fun of my job (not that it doesn’t deserve to be made fun of – but do you have to do the two at the same time?).
    Diners Burger was Burgers Bar, not Barry’s. Barry’s suck. Burgers Bar were good.
    The woman who sings “Fairytale of New York” with the Pogues was Kirsty MacColl.