It’s late, so this is a quickie

Ok, it’s been way too long without a post, a podcast, or other proof of my existence.
So it’s late, and I’m going to keep this short.

After having closed “She Stoops to Conquer” wonderfully and completely without flubbed lines, I have now dove into rehearsals for Macbeth. My second attempt at Shakespeare, first one that actually requires me to act. Yay.

Life is hectic, trying to do too much with too little and somewhat appearing a little flustered because of it. This, too, shall pass. (Will it?)

So, to everyone who still hasn’t deleted this or removed all links from their memory, Happy Chernobyl day!
May all your meltdowns result with as hellish consequences.

  • kimpire

    I’m sure you’re familiar with Shakespeare’s lesser-known play, Chernobyl kinsmen

  • kmelion

    Which part are you playing?

  • kilroy_il

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  • miketheman

    Do you believe in fate, curses, and other voodoo?
    I don’t.
    I make my own luck.

  • anonymous

    Its cool.

    You are only not allowed to say the name of that play when in the theater, so I think that this blog will not have any bad lucrew rewq ,mfdjsalkfd.f dsafjlaf vcx,.



  • miketheman

    Only if you believe in voodoo.
    “The Name of the Play”??? Good luck – it’s only the name of the main character. Don’t name the play? Pshaw.

  • miketheman

    Actually, never heard of it.
    Do give us a synopsis, will you?

  • miketheman

    I will be playing Lennox, and Thane of Scotland.
    (One of the guys who actually survives to tell the tale.)