Interesting Linux things…

So as of late, I have become more aware of some of the more powerful aspect of using Linux as a desktop/server solution.

I have tried the latest release of a nice Debian-based distribution, named Ubuntu.
It’s fairly versatile and the sheer number of community users ensures a large support network, so chances are if you run into a problem, someone else may have had the same issue before.

So my colleague, David, points me to a parody site of a specialized installation of this operating system, geared towards the Christian community.

Now, obviously the parody site is hilarious, but what got me a little more is the fact that there is actually a real distribution out there.

So, a litte digging around helped me find this, a nice response from my Jew-boy brothers out there.

I hope you laugh as hard as I did.

  • joshbrown

    Two questions for you:
    1) Are we throwing a party/going out for dinner for Joe this motsash? If so, where do you want to do it? Also, I don’t have numbers for any of the chevreh – could you make calls or give me the numbers so I can call?
    2) A friend of mine has some WMA files she wants to convert to MP3s. What tool would you suggest she use?
    Thanx in advance

  • miketheman

    Note: I have a perfectly good email for comments/questions that are not related to the post matter. Thank you for using it.
    1. I’d like to go out, you’re welcome to organize it. Who do you want to call? Prefereably, use evite and email the invitations.
    2. See this site, it’s a nice walkthrough on the proceudre.

  • stone_

    That’s hysterical. I loved the list. I haven’t Ubuntu’d yet. I’m currently on SuSE.

    We need more features for JE.