Unbelievable. Again.

So today I left the house, thinking all would be good in the world, and my bike doesn’t start.
So I fiddle with it, and try a few sifferent things, call my mechanic and he tells me to bring it in.

“How, exactly?” I ask innocently.
“Call this dude and he’ll come pick your bike up.”

So I do, and he does, and we go and I pay for “towing” (even though it was on a flatbed) to get to the garage.
Once there, a quick diagnosis tells them that there’s a busted mechanism for the starter and it needs replacing.

I head off to work.

I get a call, and am informed that the parts alone will run me a 1300 NIS bill (no VAT or work charges included, of course).

Augh. I thought I bought a beauty and I really got beast, that is slowly being transformed into a beauty.
But why do I have to foot the bill of this Raggle-tag tranformation?